Areas of Law

Employment/Labour Law

We offer legally valid employment agreements and policies for Smmes. Should you require guidance or advice, please feel free to contact us on how to make your business work.

Corporate Change and Filings

Ever so often as a small business, you may need to ensure that your business is legally compliant, in order to ensure this, we offer corporate services which relate to any business changes and how to file them with CIPC. Example, if you change addresses, you need to notify CIPC.

Legal Commercial Agreements

When running a business, you will constantly engage in transactions which will require legal assistance and/or agreements, whether it is a business lease or whether you are selling shares, we have the agreement for you.

Business Registrations (Forming a Business)

So you have a business idea, but cannot decide which type of business entity to register in order to make it a reality? We offer guidance, advice and facilitate the registration of your new company for you.


Whether it is an affidavit giving consent or confirming residence or ownership or cancellation of a lease, we are here to assist you with any business related affidavit.

Law Online

We also offer Legal Services online, including Google Hangout or Skype Consultation for our clients, no matter where they are in the Country.

Legal Subscriptions

In order to make the law more accessible for more businesses, we offer monthly payment options for our legal documents and our clients can subscription to #lenomalegalFlash.

Start-up Law

Start-Up Law speaks to our clients who are just starting out, we offer different packages which include: Company Registration, Customized MOI, BEE Certificate, Employment Agreements, etc.

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Leah Molatseli

Attorney turned Founder of Lenoma Legal, studied at the University of the Free State, trained at the UFS Law Clinic and biggest and best law firm in the Free State, 3rd finalist of Pitch & Polish Bloemfontein and Top 5 Finalist in the 2016 QuickBooks and Saturday Sun Mompreneur Competition.

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Once you accept our quote we consult with you in order to understand what your legal needs are.

4. Payments:

The service is provided only upon making the first payment as explained in our terms & conditions. Once we receive proof of payment we may begin.

Method A:

If you have chosen customized option, upon payment and discussion, we will draft your requested legal document and send it to you as per the agreed method.

Method B:

If you have chosen any of our documents from our Online Store, once payment is received, you will automatically receive a link for which will allow you access to your document and download it for your own use.


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